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Is Petraeus Strung Out on Love?

Petraeus had to be removed from his position because of the danger that he might become completely unhinged by the worst withdrawal known to humans—withdrawal from a love addiction. Read More

Withdrawal from the Army?

You ask a good question. But so far given the known chronology, one could also ask whether Petraeus might not have been more disturbed by the end of his love relationship with the Army. Was it a good idea to encourage him or let him resign from the Army (something which was not required to lead the CIA)? That might have been a factor in him getting into an affair without a clear exit strategy.

It is too early to tell, but for now there is more evidence for unhealthy reactions to the love affair itself in Broadwell or Kelley, or Kelley's FBI friend than in Petraeus (maybe they had withdrawal from having to abandon their love for the image of Petraeus they had in their head).

Very interesting comment

In terms of the questions you pose both about Petraeus's army withdrawal, and what seems to be Broadwell's addictive behaviors.

This is especially well put: "maybe they had withdrawal from having to abandon their love for the image of Petraeus they had in their head." Of course, this is essentially always true of love addiction.

Not sure i'm buying this

Not sure i'm buying this wit that petraeus "had to be removed" lest he suffer withdrawal.

According to the latest, credible news, petraeus and broadwell stopped their shenanigans several months ago, but whose decision that was is unknown. One could surmise it was petraeus because of broadwell's response to kelley. At any rate, this hardly, if at all, seems like a withdrawl response from a so- called addiction. Further, although it was obama who accepted the resignation, it was petraeus who tendered it.

Couching this square in text about love addiction and the new seems somewhat of hard sell for inclusion.

A general or 2 ( maybe) taken down because a FBI got involved in the catfight between 2 attention-seeking -harpies with a thing for power and uniforms.

This thing looks odd and the timeline feels bizarre. Or is the settling of old scores between CIA and FBI? All this intruding of people’s privacy for “ national security” does not come cheap.

Or it could be a belated midlife crisis 101.

You are aging, on the healthy side of narcissist, not even a silver fox but not looking your age, you spend time tell your life story to a sexy biographer who laps it up and makes you feel young again and she is more adoring than your wife back home who now looks like your mother(harsh I know but true). You fall in love or fall hard for the fantasy in your head.

Maybe an addiction, but this looks odd.Could be a plot from a spy movie.

Bitter towards women?

Doremi -- Tell me, what do you think of showcase women?

They look like Bond Girls but with better surnames.

I could see how Broadwell's brain, beauty, relentless ambition,competitive streak and killer naked arms could upset some women - the tall poppy syndrome. Obviously the general was on her bucket list.

Now why couldn't he fall for Nancy Mcnally instead? She would have told him his COIN strategy in Afghanistan was not working and if they had had an affair nobody would have found out, it would have been a knowing smile between the two of them.

So What?

I'm to drunk _ really,,,,

...DONT MEAN IM focused on the psycho science that is going on

FUCK ! Thx jez for that input* !


Good Lord ...- im deef***

***at least thrs rge argumemt


Addiction in zhe 12step-universe is:
a three-in-one, LOLz

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At times its anti-protestant or anti-modernist or anti-individual or anti-unionist. But ALL the times its JEW-CONVERSIONISM.

For "rare" its my RAQ at the NYT / Peele. WTF

Whatever. For the late Susan Cheever had been signs of CONVERSIONANISM.

Unlike the old and od question of judanism/catholism that is AD FINITUM - as a catholic I target x and made it y, the ABC of RET.
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Now St Peele And Sussy Q is in one ring, its like Godzilla w/ KingKong fighting, lolz.

Andrea: You've got to leave me alone,

find another fixation, and seek therapy.


my fixation is alcoholics anonymous

"find therapy" - ROFL I'm double ACADEMICS

what kind of / what for "THERAPY"

I HAD BEEN 2/3 of the DSM-III/IIIrevision /IV, *****

"leave me alone" - thats a top-topic


OK. YOU do leave me alone, thats life I guess.


OK. YOU do leave me alone, thats life I guess.

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