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Sexism in the New Facebook World

If the movie "The Social Network" is to be believed, all this modern technology, media, and communications we have created are simply new ways to exploit old gender inequalities. Read More

Thanks for noticing!!

Usually when this kind of invisibility issue is raised by the minority in question, it, as well as the damage it causes is trivialized by the majority. This is where "sensitivity training" really needs to start. People need to stop equivocating "human" with "white male," first with images, then I hope with speech...

How about having a realistic point of view?

How about women and minorities start actually innovating and coming 'up with the goods' instead of having an insecure parasitic mentality by simply walking 5 steps behind White/Asian males in terms of development and progress. Once any concerned individuals understand the 'reasons' behind such white male’s successes, only then will the playing field begin to level. The truth hurts and jealously precedes failure.

It's Hollywood that's (still) sexist

Mainstream movies still like eye candy and nutcases. So boring really, In reality Facebook COO is a powerhouse: Sheryl Sandberg. Get with the program, fellas.


I agree that sexism is not dead, but using the movie "Social Network" to prove this point seems like grasping at straws when there are many other examples in the world that are just that much better. I'm sorry, but you do not even provide correct examples (Eduardo's lawyer was a woman; and Rashida Jones, although not the lead lawyer, was a woman in a important position, working her way up).

You also state "Later, however, one becomes a crazed "bitch" and sets fire to Saverin's hotel room - for no reason at all, the film would have us believe." The movie showed one woman who was irrational and you have your readers believe that the movie portrayed all women as irrational? You mention the girl who dumped Zuckerberg, but did not say that she was actually strong-willed enough not to date him again, or even listen to him. This character showed a strong and independent woman, but you fail to point out those qualities, most likely because you were seeing the movie as sexist before it even began.

Viewers see what they want to see and it is obvious you were only looking for negative portrayals of women with this flick.

I agree

Yes I agree with this and that is an important point to make; that we see what we want to see and accumulate evidence to support our bias. I can see where the author is coming from and it may be beneficial to point out that viewpoint, even if it isn't entirely accurate. On a neutral standpoint, we also have to take into consideration the perspective of the movie, which is of Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. They are college males and its no surprise that they are driven by sex; which can inadvertently portray women in an objectifying light. There are a lot of different themes in the movie and we take what we want from it. For example, Mark Zuckerberg was portrayed, in my opinion, as a selfish, seemingly aspergerish (yes I made up that word), backstabber. I wonder what he would have to say about that portrayel and if it is at all accurate. I know that the actor who plays him said on an interview that he knows people view Mark as "an asshole" but he hasn't seen his actions as anything but justified. So to each his own.

mmm.. That is what happened and reflects the culture of Silicon Valley

You know I imagine the movie reflects what actually happened. In the world of The parties were real, the rolls that women likely held within facebook were what they did. I remember being at Mix '09 (the MSFT conference in Las Vegas) waiting in line for a taxi cab and listening to two young men who worked at Facebook heading to their upcoming party at the Playboy Club talking in "frank" terms about the "assets" of the women who worked in their company. The culture that Facebook and other testoerone driven startups have towards women was likely accurate. It needs to be changed but you can't change what happened.

Totally Agree

What i find interesting with statements about sexism is interesting.

Young women today have become so ingrained with the idea of seeing themselves as objects that they can't actually distinguish sexism in the movies. What older women find as unacceptable depictions of women today are quite accepted amongst younger women.

I'm just glad I'm not a young woman growing up today.

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