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Politics and Sex VI: Let's Add up the Cheaters in the Lewinsky Affair

You remember, conservative Republicans were howling for Bill Clinton to resign for cheating on his wife with intern Monica Lewinsky, and they then impeached him? Okay, so he tried to cover it up, too. But we've now discovered that every single Republican involved in his impeachment hearings has cheated on his spouse and is covering up too!  I know - let's make cheating illeagal and immoral - homosexuality and drug use too!  (Don't forget to nominate me for the Nobel prizes for both peace and medicine!) Read More

Another Dopey Rant

What a simplistic, mindless screed.

Re: "eliminate illicit sex, homosexuality, drug use, and intoxication for all time!

Change "eliminate" to "sanction" and you get Amsterdam. Is that your idea of Utopia? Yawn...

Remember the age-old adage:

Remember the age-old adage: "It's only cheating when you're caught".

I have to agree

with the first comment. People these days are always trying to find a way to attack religion and then they point to people like Mahmoud who OBVIOUSLY represents his religion perfectly. I wish Stantoon Peele could have brought up that in Somalia because they are such strict Muslims; sex before marriage is not rampant and thus Somalia has one of the lowest AIDS percentages in Africa. The point is, people will follow through with their morality when they want because they are people. Ideologies and religions should not be at blame. People should.

Interesting point

Yes, the Clinton-Lewinsky affair was all about sex. Sexual indiscretion should not be a criterion for denying someone political office or removing him once he is there. That incident was the last in a series of scandals that had involved men such Bob Packwood and Clarence Thomas. The source of this nonsense is the non-crime of "sexual harassment" that was manufactured by judicial fiat in the Williams v. Saxbe case in 1976. In order to end such charades, let us purge the phrase "sexual harassment" from our legal vocabulary.

If we did that, those right-wing male chauvinist Baptist bigots wouldn't have a leg to stand on when attacking paragons of liberal virtue such as Bill Clinton, because, whatever the law might say he obviously did nothing seriously wrong. Indeed, the only people who put such emphasis on sexual morality are the aforementioned religious right knuckledraggers. Isn't that right? Catherine McKinnon?

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