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Tennessee Babies in Harm's Way?

Remember those so-called “crack babies” in the '80s and '90s? They were, in fact, poverty babies paraded around by conservative ideologues out to blame every conceivable problem on drugs rather than social injustice. The point is not that it is OK for women to get high while they are pregnant, but that many try to pin the products of mean-spirited policies on the victims. Read More

I agree with your ideology, but...

...But, I find it hard to believe that peer reviewed evidence exists about the crack mom, healthier baby thing.
I would like to see more people who are experts, taking up this cause. It is, so very obviously, a matter of social injustice.
Instead of empowering the (constantly sued for 4th amendment violations) Department of Children's Services in TN or the local police with more tax burning, fire power, we should use this time in legislation and money from taxpayers to fight poverty and mis/undereducation.
How about a war against those things, instead of throwing away borrowed dollars on this decades old war on drugs?
You're right. The only casualties of that war are our sons and daughters.
The agencies who would become irrelevant when our national community no longer promotes the social berradings of drug offenders and addicts; those agencies aren't going to take up this cause, but argue against it.
Tip of the hat to you, sir, for taking up this cause.

crack babies

Thanks for your thoughts, and for your kind words. If you want to know more about the crack baby issue, just do a google on "pregnancy police."

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