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The Most Faithful Males Make the Most Devoted Fathers

Owl monkeys found to be perfectly monogamous. What about us? Read More

. For humans, being a


For humans, being a faithful, devoted father = Beta Male.

Human females are programmed to mate with the bad guys and then find some chump to raise the kids.

This is why humans are the most evil and violent species on the planet


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I think something that

I think something that differentiates humans and other animals is our ability to think and make decisions. A human can decide he to be a good dad or dad and a devoted parent, and choose to be faithful.

Some humans may behave like animals, and let themselves be at the mercy of whatever feeling they have at the moment, without being introspective. They may not have the ability or willingness to give thought to what they want in life and what type of person they want to be. They simply react, like many animals do.

But, at the end of the day, humans have the potential to think and decide for themselves how to behave.

that should say, "to be a

that should say, "to be a good dad or mom"

The (unsuspected) importance of fathers to human children

10 years ago I began studying cannabis applicants in California as a resource that might inform me about the (disputed therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The study was motivated by a conviction that the US war on drugs had been a terrible mistake. To say that the clinical finding have been a surprise would be gross understatement:
Cannabis has not been used "recreationally" as many believe; rather, it's safe and effective therapy for several symptoms and syndromes, one of the most common of which is ADD, which turns out to be caused by an absent, indifferent, or otherwise non-supportive biological father, especially between early sentience and the onset of puberty. It leads to what I've called a "paternal deprivation syndrome" which can take a variety of forms, but are significantly mitigated by self medication with cannabis.

Juveniles afflicted by this syndrome typically try a variety of other drugs, all of which are illegal for juveniles. However, those who respond to cannabis, typically give up the others or use them responsibly (alcohol). Rather than a gateway infto trouble with drugs, cannabis is a gateway out

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