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Finally: A few father-friendly commercials.

The bumbling fool replaced--in some ads--by fathers who reflect reality.

Thanks to Jeanne Sager at thestir.com for finding five needles in the haystack--five commercials "that really get modern fatherhood," as she puts it.

Discovering these commercials could not have been easy, considering the way fathers are typically portrayed in commercials. A notable examples last year were the Huggies ads that suggested that asking fathers to put on diapers was the toughest imaginable test of a diaper--so easy to use even a father can do it!

After what must have been a painstaking search through these negative father stereotypes, Sager emerged with five ads that get it right. 

Among them are a Subaru ad in which a father nervously follows his daughter to school on her first day. "We've seen countless first day of school ads featuring sobbing Moms, but Subaru decided to do something a little different," she writes.

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Another ad, for Clorox, shows a girl doing science (that's another stereotype-buster), and the kicker: It's her father who engages with her--and her father, not her mother, who cleans up the mess.

Sager has embedded video from these and three others. Click over and take a look, and get an idea how television might look if most ads treated fathers this way. And think about how that might affect the kids who are watching them, too. 

Journalist Paul Raeburn is the author of Do Fathers Matter? to be published by Scientific America/FSG in June, 2014. He is also the author of the Fathers and Families blog.


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