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Biological Father Denied Paternity Seeks Changes in Michigan Legislature

Mich. law says biological father cannot be father.

Daniel Quinn, from Hartlant, Michigan, hasn't seen his daughter, who turns six in March, for three years. 

He claims to have DNA evidence proving he is the girl's biological father, but because her mother was married to someone else at the time, Quinn cannot seek paternity rights.

According to Quinn, quoted in an article on clickondetroit.com, Michigan law assumes that any child conceived during a marriage is the child of that marriage.

Apparently the idea that a man or woman might have a child with somebody else while married has not occurred to blinkered Michigan legislators.

Quinn has campaigned for a change in the archaic Michigan law, and the Senate has passed--unanimously--a bill that would allow a judge some discretion in such cases. The Michigan House has not yet acted on the bill.

File this under: Legislation that tries to overturn biology.

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Journalist Paul Raeburn is the author of Do Fathers Matter? to be published by Scientific America/FSG in June, 2014. He is also the author of the Fathers and Families blog.


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