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ADHD Medication Rates Across 50 States

Whether or not a child takes a stimulant medication for ADHD depends a lot on where you live. In one state, over 5% of kids are prescribed a stimulant while in another it is less that 0.5%. Is your state near the top? Read More

It is time to drop the idea

It is time to drop the idea that ADD and or ADHD and or all the other spurious diagnoses are factual

Is there any chance that psychiatrists would stop trying to prove and or defend these "diagnoses" - and instead look for alternative explanations.

Unless you change your perspective every now and then and try to disprove your own theories you will never develop your capacity to think independently. It is those people who say "what if" especially when there is "no good reason" for thinking "what if" who bring about change

It is clear to anyone with an ounce of cop on that there are numerous other considerations which have not been examined fully (from food additives to challenging environment, to emotional and psychologically evolving brains).

If there was a prize of a billion dollars tomorrow for the best alternative explanation - there would be scores of suggestions - all more plausible than these defamatory "diagnoses".

Psychiatrists are stuck in a pig headed mentality " if there was another explanation I would have thought of it years ago"

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David Rettew, M.D., is a child psychiatrist at the University of Vermont and author of Child Temperament: New Thinking about the Boundary between Traits and Illness.


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