Magical Thinking

All About Magic

Think you don't believe in magic? Think again. Our brains are designed to pick up on patterns: Making connections helped our ancestors survive. You're not crazy if you're fond of jinxes, lucky charms, premonitions, wish fulfillment, or karma. You're just human.

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Magical Thinking Tests

Locus of Control

Are you taking charge of your life?

Paranormal Beliefs

Do you believe in the Supernatural?

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Just Say It

When and how should we open up to loved ones?

Evolutionary Psychology Blogs

  • Hank Davis

    Caveman Logic

    A look at the scary and entertaining ways in which our primitive minds are mismatched to the modern world around us.
  • Glenn Geher

    Darwin's Subterranean World

    Evolution, Mind, and Mating Intelligence
  • Barry X. Kuhle, Ph.D.

    Evolutionary Entertainment

    Exploring the evolutionary foundations of popular culture.
  • From Darwin to Eternity

    Evolutionary moral psychology.
  • Dorian Furtuna, Ph.D.

    Homo Aggressivus

    Tracing the roots of human violence
  • Gad Saad

    Homo Consumericus

    The nature and nurture of consumption
  • Robert Martin, Ph.D.

    How We Do It

    The evolution and future of human reproduction
  • Humor Sapiens

    The laughing ape and other insights into the nature of funny.