William Lee Adams

Tipping bias may be why many cabbies pass up minority customers according to a study conducted by Yale University.
When half the map is missing—and you don't notice.
Living with LNS can make people feel like prisoners of their own impulses.
Eurasians may possess genetic advantages that lead to greater health and enhanced beauty.
When you forget your identity and hit the road, you may be suffering wandering amnesia.
When a complete body makes you feel incomplete. What happens when you feel you've got one limb too many?
People who hear voices in their heads don't always need psychiatric help. Sometimes the voices within can guide you in everyday life.

When everyone is a stranger. Prosopagnosics can't recognize faces. So they often rely on "police-blotter-type" descriptions to identify family, friends, and coworkers.

Perfect pitch, the ability to identify tones without external reference, disappears without music lessons.

Learning multiple languages may change the structure of your brain.

It's impossible to recover images with perfect accuracy.