Peter Doskoch

Some versions of the pill may step up sex drive.
Could treating depression be as simple as eating more greens?
Focuses on studies that link sugar to memory in humans. Theory on memory formation.
Profiles Lauren Lawrence, one-time student of a master's degree in psychology who became a rapper known as Infidel.
Focuses on experiments made by Cornell University psychologist Thomas Gilovich which revealed people's tendency to overestimate how often other people notice how they look and what they do. Roots of the behavior in childhood.
Guys with too much testosterone may have trouble holding downa job.
Reports on a study which reveals that some pet owners believe that their pets' personalities bear a distinct resemblance to their own. Possible reasons for the similarities.
Find out what motivatespeople to overcome failure.
Reports on a device called electroretinogram which is being tested by researchers at Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) for detecting when recovering cocaine addicts are biologically vulnerable to relapse.
Eating during the holidays is tough stuff. Celebrate the season -- and stick to your diet.
Focuses on Cornell University psychologist Daryl Bem's theory of sexual development which explains same-sex attraction as a result of gender-nonconforming behavior caused by temperament determined by biological factors. How non-conforming children may perceive peers of the same sex.
Focuses on rock bands that have named their groups after names of drugs and terms referring to mental disorders.
Contends that setting goals which are difficult to achieve may improve athletic performance.
Looks at the reasons behind the popularity of unisex fragrances or perfumes. Characteristics of unisex fragrances that attract both men and women.
Focuses on the impact of public attention on the performance of athletes in sports that demand skill. Advantage of self-awareness for self-conscious golfers and skaters.
Reports that short men are less prone to commit suicide than their taller peers, according to a study by psychologist Steven Stack of Wayne State University.
The double standard for eating between men and women.
Presents psychologically oriented games. After Dinner Freud; Illusions; Insight Game.
Announces October 10, 1996 as National Depression Screening Day.
Introduces the powdered beverage called PMS Escape which may provide relief from premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Mechanism of action of the beverage's key component; Symptoms of PMS.