Mark Teich

The biggest mistake couples make is taking monogamy for granted. Instead, they should take affairs for granted and protect themselves by heading infidelity off at the pass.
Non-traditional couples have been thriving for decades. How do they move past the stigma and build enduring unions?
Patients with female doctors report greater satisfaction and participate more fully.
Many males simply won't see a physician until prodded by the women in their lives.
The following guidelines of preventative measures are a roadmap to better health for men.
From puberty on, reproductive health and the viability of sperm continue to evolve.

Nontraditional couples may be seen as weird, discomfiting or even sinful by others, but if they survive the crucible of social censure and self-doubt they can forge powerful bonds—and teach others about enduring love.

As men age, their fertility decreases and the health risks to their unborn offspring skyrocket. But men who attend to their health can slow down the reproductive clock.

In an era of bitter divorce battles, parents often use children as hammers to bash each other, manipulating not only the legal system but also their children's affections. Can a broken parent-child bond be restored?

Emotional infidelity is intense but invisible, erotic but unconsummated. Such delicious paradoxes make it every bit as dangerous as adultery.

Men regularly court disaster when it comes to their own health. Traits such as toughness, stoicism, and fearlessness can translate into medical disaster. It's time men learned to make a fuss.

An emotional affair can deliver a body blow to a marriage, but it rarely results in divorce. Instead, couples can navigate recovery to make their union stronger than before.

Vigilante. Policeman. Hall monitor. Why some people risk it all to punish evildoers.

A healthy man and his healthy sperm: How to get in the best reproductive shape ever