Camille Chatterjee

Deals with the psychological impact of playing soccer. Percentage of soccer players who displayed moderately to severely impaired memory according to a research by Barry Jordan, director of the traumatic brain injury program at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital; Effect of playing soccer on players' planning skills.
Focuses on hypnotic relaxation on patients suffering from pain. Effect of hypnotic relaxation techniques on the amount of medication needed by patients who will undergo surgery; Amount of money saved by patients who had undergone hypnotic relaxation.
Why unhappy matrimony leads women to gain weight.
Focuses on a program of the cable network Comedy Central and the University of California in Los Angeles Jonsson Cancer Center which aim to study the healing effects of humor. Three parts of the program called 'Rx Laughter'; Persons spearheading the project. INSET: The Nose Knows by Linda Formichelli.
Hallelujah! Could church be the answer to weight loss?
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirmed that diets high in soy protein may reduce the risk of heart disease.
The better educated you are, the healthier your kids maybe -- but researchers don't know why.
Emotional intelligence is often mistakenly thought of as gut instinct. But emotional intelligence may actually be a skill you can learn.
Deals with the impact of weather changes in people's moods. Reasons people are more depressed in winter than in summer according to a research by Morton Harmatz, a professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst; Effect of light therapy on clinical depression.
Looking to boost your performance on creative tasks? Try watching a funny movie.
Deals with a survey of different nationalities around the world on the top requirements for a good life. Emphasis on simple things.
Why you need to forget to remember. The importance of temporary forgetting.
What works and doesn't in personal ads.
Don't get under the weather! From migraines to mental illness—a study shows that the weather can trigger it all.
A pill that puts pep in your step. For an energy boost, try coenzyme NADH, a natural ATP-generator.
Getting baby to talk. How to get your 12-month infant to gab.
Warns that drinking a few mugs of coffee in the morning stresses the body out all day and may increase chance of developing a deadly disease, according to a research conducted by James Lane, an associate professor of behavioral medicine. Hormone levels that also increased; What could make coffee drinkers more susceptible to coronary heart disease.
Discusses the academic and social rivalry between boys and girls. Findings of a study conducted by the American Association of University Women regarding the issue; Gap between men and women in the sciences; Strengths and weaknesses of boys and girls.
Identifying sources of stress can lead to a healthier office environment.
A diet high in soy protein has proven healthful for Asians over centuries. How does the Western world embrace soy?