Annie Murphy Paul

Sexual stereotypes still thrive.
Average investors are full of irrationalities and inconsistencies. In fact, they're not always as sensible as we hope.
You can relieve stressjust by working around the house.
Presents information on books about losing innocence. 'Saving Childhood: Protecting Our Children From the National Assault on Innocence,' by Michael and Diane Medved; 'A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue,' by Wendy Shalit; 'A Return to Innocence: Philosophical Guide in an Age of Cynicism,' by Jeffrey Schwartz.
Find out why some people have no trouble finding a workout that works -- and sticking to it.
What you wish for may say much about who you are. Men wish for sex and power, and women wish for happiness.
Testosterone levels are high when men are single, go down when they marry, and rise when they divorce.
You're better off whether or not you are preoccupied with your ex-spouse. Preoccupation has the potential to cause further resentment.
Why are some people able to bounce back after a traumatic experience?
If you hate cabbage and broccoli, you're not alone. Find out why.
Find out why you can't help thinking about the things you're trying to get off your mind.
Lullabies strengthen emotional ties between you and your baby.
Why we reap benefits from squabbling with our brothers and sisters.
Discusses about the attitude proactive coping or crises anticipation. Steps on spotting problems and coping with it.
Fed up with dieting? Thinking of trying pills instead? Read this first.
Those who eat night snacks may consume half or more of their daily calories after seven at night.
Why the brain takes it slow when processingsexual information.
A psychologist who went publicwith her mental illness.
The views of Kay Deaux, professor of psychology at the City University of New York and president of American Psychological Society, on approaches used to assess various aspects of psychology; factors which influence 'babbling' among individuals; details on some of the errors which can evolve when attempting to analyze psychological problems.
What are the motives behind the true altruist? Here are some of the traits humanitarians have in common.