Facts and Tips: Did You Know?

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Facts and Tips

  • 80 percent of young men undergoing chemotherapy say banking their sperm before cancer treatment helped them in their emotional battle against the disease.
  • 28 is the average number of hours teen girls in serious relationships spend with their boyfriends each week.
  • In men's magazines, 41 percent of articles about sex focus on what women like.
  • People who have just fallen in love spend over 85 percent of their waking hours thinking about their amour.
  • Two-thirds of parents with children in high school believe sex education is "very" or "somewhat" effective in helping teens avoid pregnancy.
  • 65 percent of men and 55 percent of women say that their partner's faults don't really bother them.
  • 75 percent of men and 83 percent of women say that knowing their significant other is in love with them is more important than having sex with him or her.
  • 60 percent of greeting cards come from friends.
  • 27 percent of cards contain just the sender's signature without a personal message.

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