How Obsessed Are You?

Respond to the following statements adapted from the Celebrity Attitude Scale created by psychologists James Houran, Lynn McCutcheon, Rense Lange, John Maltby and Diane Ashe.

I often feel compelled to learn the personal habits of my favorite celebrity.

I love to talk with others who admire my favorite celebrity,

When something bad happens to my favorite celebrity, I feel like it happened to me.

I enjoy watching, reading or listening to my favorite celebrity because it means a good time.

I have pictures and/or souvenirs of my favorite celebrity, which I always keep in exactly the same place.

When my favorite celebrity dies, I will feel like dying, too.

If you answered yes to (2) and (4), your stargazing is probably on the Entertainment-Social level of harmless escapism. If you agree with (1) and (5), you may be engaged on the Intense-Personal level, where your connection gets more intimate. As for (3) and (6), you may feel such a strong connection that you overidentify with your favorite star.

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