Clinical depression isn't for adults only--children who are under stress, experience loss or have attention, learning or conduct disorders are also at high risk. On this site, a team of experts at Northern County Psychiatric Associates in Baltimore provides extensive information on distinguishing between the depressed behavior of children and teenagers and that of afflicted adults. They also discuss various treatments and offer links to facts about other psychological disorders and treating them.

Concerned about your brain's fitness and function? Check out BrainSource, the one-stop metasource devoted exclusively to neuropsychology. Neuropsychologist, Dennis P. Swiercinsky, Ph.D., provides the latest research on how to maximize your mind's functionality and creativity. You'll also find information on neurological disorders and the rehabilitation of brains that have been damaged by stress and drugs. And for those intrigued by the criminal mind, click on the links to articles about forensic psychology.

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Sick of being stressed? These overwhelming feelings may also make you sick, according to David D. Clarke, M.D., founder of the Stress Illness Diagnostic Clinic. His site investigates psychosomatic illnesses, with emphasis on post traumatic stress disorder, chemical imbalances and childhood stress. Clarke discusses how these and other traumas may create medical symptoms, and he includes tips for management techniques and a questionnaire to help evaluate individual stress levels.

If you're interested in better understanding your aptitudes, attitudes and personality--or those of loved ones or potential employees--take one of the hundreds of tests available here. Developed by a team of experienced psychologists, statisticians and programmers, the quick quizzes evaluate a number of traits, including personality, intelligence and career skills. More than 30 of the tests are free, and they're all instantly scored and interpreted online.

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