Sexual Healing

Dissatisfied with your sex life? Research suggests that achieving happiness in bed may be as easy as imagining it.

Any number of personal conflicts can cause sexual difficulties or disorders, but according to Saral Tusli, Ph.D., a clinical psychology professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, it's possible to resolve those conflicts and facilitate sexual healing by using mental imagery. At a conference of the American Association for the Study of Mental Imagery, Tusli presented exercises that help patients recognize the source of their difficulties and then work to overcome them.

"You have to help patients relax and visualize anything associated with the problem," he explains. "Instead of giving them direct instruction, allow them to bring up information that is relevant to them." For relaxation, he suggests concentrating closely on breathing, pushing away any distracting thoughts. Then imagine the particularly difficult day or situation, trying to recall how outside influences affected all of your senses.

Eventually the source of the problem should emerge. Now imagine a time when the problem did not exist. "Think about the most pleasurable sexual experience in your life," Tulsi says. "You will get to a point where you are free from the negative images and can concentrate on creating or re-creating the positive images."

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