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Got milk? Most women don't get enough, though the calcium it contains is crucial to preventing osteoporosis. So scientists are looking at why people buy milk—in the hopes that they will buy more.

Alma Blake, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Maryland, surveyed 100 women to find out what kinds of milk they drank and their attitudes about the different types. Almost one in four drank no milk at all, and of the rest, most bought the healthiest forms.

The breakdown: Forty-two percent claimed to buy skim, while 36 percent chose milk with 2 percent fat and 27 percent chose 1 percent milk. And only 18 percent reported purchasing whole. Women don't enjoy the light taste of skim; and most said their families favor the flavor of fattier milks, with 41 percent of households preferring whole milk and 44 percent choosing 2 percent milk. Still, the women deem skim "good for me" and "low calorie."

While the women met the 800 mg RDA for calcium, they fell short of the daily recommended intake: 1000 to 1300 mg of calcium for adults age 25 to 50.

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