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A multiple orgasm when they experience one. And enough about the anatomy and physiology of sexual responsiveness not to blush at a detailed questionnaire. And so they came to reveal the secrets of the multiorgasmic experience to a team of scientific researchers from the University of Wisconsin.

First off, women who have multiple orgasms prove different from those who don't. They are more likely to have examined their clitoris, and to have both given and received oral-genital stimulation. They like their bare breasts fondled and their nipples kissed. They are more likely to enhance clitoral stimulation during intercourse by thigh pressure or masturbation.

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They are more likely to have engaged in mental stimulation via erotic fantasies, films, and literature. And they discovered some pleasures at an earlier age: sensations from the clitoris, masturbation, and orgasm.

Women with multiple orgasms don't just get them by accident. Having identified what they like, they choose the techniques that maximize their pleasure and communicate to their partners what arouses them most, the researchers report in Archives of Sexual Behavior.

More than anything, to transmute the sensations of physiology into the psychology of satisfaction takes a sensitive and communicative partnership. The emotional interaction that comes with partner involvement makes women who usually experience multiple orgasm more satisfied with sexual intercourse than their singly orgasmic sisters.

Able to satisfy more of their sexual needs, these women are well-equipped to form stable, satisfying relationships. They may be the vanguard in bringing sex back home.

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