The Male/Female Thing

Sex M F

People who think their mother engaged in premarital petting (99% of mothers engaged in premarital petting). 69% 63%

People who think their mother engages in oral- genital sex (49% of mothers engage in oral-genital sex). 30% 25%

People who think their father masturbates (93% of fathers masturbate). 73% 62%

People who think that their father engaged in premarital sex (92% of fathers engaged in premarital sex). 45% 33%

People who are more likely to refuse sex than their partners are. 22% 43%

People who have fantasized in the past year about being close, affectionate, or intimate with a member of the opposite sex. 88% 71%

People who have regular sex partners. 53% 25%

High school seniors who believe that having children is a very important value. 41% 56%

People who think having no children is part of the good life. 4% 3%

People who report that they are more in love with their partners since becoming a parent. 33% 44%

Teenagers who use birth control every time they have intercourse. 33% 34%

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High school seniors who get a kick out of doing something dangerous. 45% 27%

Teenagers who never use birth control when they have intercourse. 30% 21%


Drugs M F

People who think that there should be mandatory drug testing of all current employees by their companies. 48% 55%

People who think that there should be mandatory drug testing for all adult Americans. 27% 33%

People who favor legalizing the sale of some drugs in order to make drug dealing less profitable and reduce crime associated with drug use. 35% 27%

People in fatal automobile accidents who were drunk. 28% 15%

Crimes M F

People arrested for arson. 86% 14%

People arrested for fraud. 57% 43%

People who own a gun. 47% 14%

People arrested for running away. 43% 57%

High school seniors who have stolen something worth over $50 in the past year. 9% 4%

People who keep their car windows rolled up when they would rather have them down on account of a fear of crime. 41% 56%

People afraid to walk at night within a mile of their residence. 26% 62%

People who have been hit by someone. 54% 21%

People who will be robbed in their lifetimes. 37% 22%

Work & Money M F

People who are secretaries. 1% 99%

People who are household cleaners or servants. 4% 96%

People who are nurses. 5% 95%

People who are social workers. 34% 66%

People who are bartenders. 50% 50%

People who are farm workers. 78% 22%

People who are dentists. 91% 9%

People who are fishers, hunters, or trappers. 91% 9%

Employed people who work full time. 86% 68%

People who went to work last weekend. 33% 20%

People who indulge themselves by taking a day off from work. 28% 22%

People aged 8-12 who want to be a doctor when they grow up. 6% 12%

People who are new doctors. 69% 31%

People who are senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. 98% 2%

People who own small businesses. 77% 22%

People who felt like quitting their job last month. 19% 16%

There are 3.1 million females and 4.1 million males working two or more jobs.

Four percent of women executives prefer a female boss; 29% of women executives prefer a male boss.

From The Great Divide by Daniel Evan Weiss. Copyright (c) 1991 by Daniel Evan Weiss. Reprinted by permission of Poseidon Press/Simon & Schuster Inc.

Illustrations (4) ((c) George Thompson)

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