Essential Reads: Editor's Picks

Neuroscience Blogs

  • Ogi Ogas, Ph.D.

    A Billion Wicked Thoughts

    The world's largest experiment on human desire.
  • Black Belt Brain

    Musings on movement and the mind.
  • A. David Redish, Ph.D.

    Brain and the Poetic Mind

    Musings on the relationship between brain, mind, and decision-making
  • Jordan Gaines

    Brain Babble

    Unraveling neuroscience research and FAQs—without the jargon
  • Faith Brynie

    Brain Sense

    How your brain makes sense of your senses.
  • Susan Barry by Rosalie Winard

    Eyes on the Brain

    A neurobiologist explores the amazing capacity of the brain to rewire itself at any age
  • Arthur Shimamura, Ph.D.

    In the Brain of the Beholder

    A closer look at how we experience art and film
  • Eric Leuthardt

    Mind Blender

    Slicing and dicing across neuroscience, tech, and medicine
  • disalvo


    Musings on the complicated business of thinking
  • Sarah Rose Cavanagh, Ph.D

    Once More, With Feeling

    The science (and neuroscience) of your emotions
  • Alex Korb

    PreFrontal Nudity

    The brain exposed
  • Gayil Nalls, Ph.D.


    The sensory dimensions of art and culture
  • Kathleen Taylor

    The Brain Supremacy

    From the frontiers of neuroscience
  • The Guest Room

    Reports and responses from guest bloggers.
  • Christopher Badcock Ph.D.

    The Imprinted Brain

    How genes set the balance between autism and psychosis
  • Paul J Zak

    The Moral Molecule

    Neuroscience and economic behavior
  • Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D

    The Resilient Brain

    Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Ian Robertson, Ph.D.

    The Winner Effect

    Exploring the neuroscience of success and failure
  • Jenni Ogden, Ph.D.

    Trouble in Mind

    A neuropsychologist muses on brains, books and being happy
  • Steve Volk

    Working the Margins

    Eclectic explorations of the esoteric and the extreme, from community building to neuroscience
  • Joshua Gowin

    You, Illuminated

    Commonsense explanations of neuroscience
  • Your Wise Brain

    Practical insights into happiness, love, and wisdom from psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhism

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